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Numerous individuals are self-conscious about their feet. So, when one suspects something is wrong with their feet, they might not seek treatment immediately, which only worsens the issue. Toenail fungus is one such concern. This condition develops due to a fungal infection beneath your toenail. While it is an embarrassing and painful issue, there are fortunately several alternatives you can try to completely treat your toenail infection. Laser toenail treatment is arguably one of the best treatments available. Continue reading to learn everything you should know about new york laser toenail treatment, including what to expect and whether it suits you.

1) How Long Does Laser Toenail Treatment Take?

Unlike time-consuming, invasive conventional surgeries, laser treatment frequently lasts less than an hour. After the quick treatment appointment, you should expect to see your podiatrist several times in the next 2-3 months for follow-up consultations.

Most podiatry clinics include the cost of these consultations in the cost of the whole laser toenail treatment. Therefore, you will not have to worry about hidden charges or extra costs.

2) Is It A Safe Fungal Toenail Treatment?

Whereas numerous forms of medical procedures, treatments, and other care solutions frequently come with side effects, and in some instances, severe issues, laser treatment is among the safest alternatives available. Since the introduction of lasers in treating toenail fungus, there have been no reported side effects, injuries, or other adverse reactions.

On the flip side, you should note that alternative treatments like oral antifungal medications are often associated with kidney and liver problems. However, if you shun oral medications for laser therapy, you are guaranteed zero severe side effects.

new york laser toenail treatment

3) Is Laser Toenail Treatment Painful?

Not only does laser treatment for toenail fungus not cause pain, but patients also report not experiencing any discomfort. Laser treatment is so painless that you do not even require anesthesia to undergo it.

As with most patients, you will probably feel a heat sensation in the region where the laser is operating. Aside from this slight sensation, you can safely receive laser therapy without discomfort or pain.

4) How Soon After the Laser Treatment Will You Be Able To Walk?

One of the most intriguing aspects of laser treatment is that you can get up and move normally after your appointment. Unlike with conventional surgeries and other treatments, you do not need to wait days, weeks, or months to regain your ability to walk on both feet.

After the laser treatment, you will not even need a special pair of medical boots or shoes. You can leave the podiatry office wearing the same shoes you entered in.

5) How Does Laser Therapy for Toenail Fungus Actually Work?

To successfully eradicate the fungal infection without harming your toe or toenail, your podiatrist directs light beams at specific areas of your toenail. The wavelengths of these laser beams instantly kill the fungal infections hidden beneath your nail bed and nail plate, while completely sparing healthy tissue.

As highlighted before, these lasers cause no discomfort. Thus, you can leave your podiatrist’s office immediately after your procedure, instead of waiting hours or days to recover.

You do not need to be embarrassed about your foot condition any longer! Toenail fungus is a prevalent concern that requires immediate medical attention. Otherwise, the infection can discolor and damage your nails, spread to the rest of your foot, and sometimes cause discomfort or a foul odor when walking. Luckily, most toenail fungus infections are easily treatable with laser therapy, particularly if caught early. This procedure boasts numerous advantages over standard treatments, including less discomfort, shorter downtime, and more effectiveness. If you have more questions about laser toenail treatment, talk to your foot doctor.