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A thread lift is a treatment that involves dissolvable sutures that tightens and lifts your skin. Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift uses a biodegradable polyester suture to lift sagging facial skin. PDO threads are colorless polyester that dissolves in the body after about six months. PDO thread lift can treat most parts of your face, but specialists mostly use them around the cheeks, jaw, neck, and eyes. Your aesthetic medical spa Albuquerque doctor may recommend a PDO thread lift if you want to avoid facelift surgery. PDO threads trigger your body to produce collagen restoring your skin’s structure and elasticity.

How should you prepare for a PDO thread lift procedure?

Your doctor will recommend you avoid certain medications like ibuprofen and aspirin several days before your PDO thread lift. These medications can increase your risk of bleeding or bruising. Also, avoid alcohol and tobacco several days before your procedure, as they can increase the chances of bleeding and slow healing.

What happens during the PDO thread lift procedure?

During the PDO thread lift treatment, you will sit on a reclined seat, and your specialist will disinfect your face with alcohol. The specialist will administer a local anesthetic under your skin. Using a needle, your surgeon will make a small cut on your skin and insert a device known as a cannula into the incision. The surgeon will anchor the PDO thread in place and pull out the cannula. Finally, the surgeon will conclude the procedure by cutting the thread and ensuring it is in the right place. You will go home the same day after the PDO thread lift treatment.

PDO thread lift

What happens after PDO thread lift treatment?

You can go back to your daily activities immediately after treatment. You may experience mild swelling and bruising within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after PDO thread lifts treatment. Avoid rubbing your face for about a week after treatment because you can accidentally dislodge the PDO thread. Your doctor may recommend avoiding pursing your lips, smoking, and drinking through straws for several weeks after the treatment. Also, avoid sleeping on your side, vigorous activities and exercises, and visiting saunas for about two weeks after PDO lift treatment.

What are the possible complications of PDO thread lift?

There are lower risks of PDO thread lift complications than facelift surgery. About fifty to twenty percent of PDO thread lift procedures involve complications, which are usually minor and easy to correct. Potential complications include pain, mild bruising, infection, inflammation, thread snapping, hematoma, dimpling, salivary gland injury, and visible sutures, especially in individuals with thin skin.

How long will your PDO thread lift results last?

PDO thread lift results can decline within six months. Improvements are no longer apparent after one year. Studies show that PDO thread lift outcomes in younger patients often last three to four years. Results in older people, especially those with poor skin volume and elasticity, mostly last between one to two years.

PDO thread lift is a treatment procedure involving dissolvable polyester sutures to help lift sagging skin. The thread stimulates collagen production, restoring your skin structure and elasticity. Schedule an appointment at Freya’s Lair Medical Spa for PDO thread lift treatment to restore your facial skin’s structure and elasticity.