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Do you have rough skin that you wish would grow back to a smooth and bright complexion? Skin imperfections like wrinkles, deep scars, and uneven skin coloring can make you self-conscious. You can go for chemical peel Memphis where your doctor will use a chemical solution to peel off layers of your skin and reveal the new attractive layers underneath. Chemical peels can happen in different depths, and you can choose one with your doctor, depending on your skincare goals. Read on to learn more about a chemical peel.

When Will Your Doctor Do a Chemical Peel?

Your doctor will recommend a chemical peel procedure to eliminate wrinkles, skin discoloration, and acne scars. A chemical peel will allow your skin to return to its smoothness by removing the top layers until you achieve the desired results. Your skin layers will peel off slowly to reveal a more youthful appearance with lesser wrinkles and a smoother face. You will even notice a brighter complexion after a chemical peel.

Which Conditions Will a Chemical Peel Treat?

The procedure can treat different skin conditions to improve your skin’s tone, texture, and appearance. Your doctor will mostly recommend it on your neck, hands, and face to reduce fine lines under your eyes to eliminate wrinkles from sun damage and hereditary factors. Chemical peels can treat certain types of acne, mild scars, uneven skin, sun spots, precancerous spots, and dark patches. Severe skin conditions like deep scars, deep facial lines, severe wrinkles, and sags may not respond well to treatment.

Will A Chemical Peel Work for All Skin Types?

While superficial chemical peels can address all skin types, you have an increased risk of skin darkening after treatment if you have a darker skin tone. You may need advice from your doctor on the right course of treatment to avoid skin darkening. You may not benefit from a chemical peel if you have a history of abnormal skin scarring, and take medications that make your skin too sensitive

How Can You Prepare for a Chemical Peel?

Your doctor will instruct you to avoid certain activities like tanning and sun exposure before your treatment. You will need to apply topical products to prepare your skin for treatment, but only apply products containing retinoids a few weeks before treatment. The treatment area must be free of skin infections, open sores, and lesions.

What Will Happen During Your Chemical Peel Procedure?

On your day of treatment, your doctor will thoroughly clean your skin and administer general anesthesia. Your doctor will apply a chemical solution to your skin, giving a hot sensation for a few minutes, then a stinging sensation. You can ask your doctor to apply a cool compress to relieve the stinging sensation. Your doctor will then wash off the solution.

A chemical peel is a procedure aiming to reduce the appearance of facial imperfections, including wrinkles, scars, and fine lines. The procedure can improve several conditions in your face and neck. During the procedure, your doctor applies a gentle amount of a chemical solution depending on the depth of chemical peel you are undergoing. Your recovery time will depend on the chemical peel procedure, with a deep chemical peel taking up to eight weeks. It would be best to remember that having a darker skin tone puts you at risk for skin darkening after treatment.