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Cosmetic plastic surgeons focus on changing the appearance of your body. The professionals can perform many surgical procedures involving body shaping and contouring, smoothing wrinkles, or eliminating balding areas. Your cosmetic plastic surgeon Pasadena enhances the appearance of your physical features for aesthetic purposes rather than medical. Some cosmetic procedures like otoplasty and rhinoplasty can address medical and aesthetic issues. There are many cosmetic procedures available for almost all body parts. The results of cosmetic plastic surgeries are usually permanent, so you must be sure about your decision. Cosmetic plastic surgeons can perform many procedures, including:


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure for reshaping your nose. You may have this surgery for cosmetic purposes or medical reasons like difficulty breathing or birth defects. During rhinoplasty, your surgeon can change the shape of your nose bridge, reduce or increase your nose size, or narrow the shape of your nostrils. Usually, surgeons cut in the middle of the nose to access the bones and cartilage. Depending on your condition, the surgery can take one to three hours.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves removing fat deposits to improve the shape of your body. You can have liposuction to eliminate stubborn deposits that do not disappear after regular exercise and a healthy diet. The treatment involves your doctor removing fat deposits beneath your skin using a vacuum-suction cannula. Your specialist may use ultrasound to break fat deposits before the suction process. You can have liposuction on your arms, thighs, stomach, hips, face, or buttocks.

Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck improves the shape of your abdomen. The treatment involves your cosmetic plastic surgeon removing the excess fat and skin and tightening your abdominal muscles. You can have a tummy tuck after a major weight loss or multiple pregnancies to eliminate loose or sagging skin. Tummy tuck results are permanent, but you must observe a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain the outcomes.


A facelift corrects sagging, loose and drooping skin on your face. The surgery involves your plastic surgeon removing excess skin, lifting your facial tissues, and repositioning the replaced skin. You can consider a facelift to elevate sagging eyebrows, eliminate forehead wrinkles, and reduce fat along your jawline and neck. Surgeons mostly perform facelifts in conjunction with neck lifts. You may experience swelling, bruising, and hematomas after the surgery, but they fade within a few days.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that uses breast implants or fat transfer to increase your breast size. This treatment can restore your breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy. Breast augmentation can help you achieve a more rounded breast or boost natural breast size asymmetry. You can correct severely drooping breasts through breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon can combine breast augmentation with a breast lift to your sagging breasts and make them appear fuller.

Cosmetic plastic surgeons focus on changing the appearance of your body. These medical professionals can perform many cosmetic plastic surgeries, including rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, and breast augmentation. Schedule an appointment at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center to reshape and contour your body with qualified and experienced cosmetic plastic surgeons.