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Acne breakouts are usually frustrating, but the scars they leave after healing are worse because they usually alter your physical appearance. In most cases, the scars may take a while before they clear out, even after trying certain medications. In this case, you should consult your dermatologist to help you get the best and most effective treatment to deal with acne scars. Usually, there are various treatments available that aim to help clear out acne scars. You can be after acne scars Fort Worth therapy if your acne left scars that affect your outlook and you are interested in clearing the scars left behind. Below are effective acne scar treatments available.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is commonly used to reduce redness, clear pores, reduce swelling, and exfoliates the skin when used topically. It is also considered one of the best treatments for acne scars available, and you can therefore add products containing salicylic acid as the main ingredient to your skin care products. It might also take a while before you start seeing the results when using salicylic acid. You might also begin experiencing irritation or dryness on your skin. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you are encouraged to apply the product less often or stop treatment.



Generally, dermabrasion is a common and very effective treatment for facial acne scars. It utilizes the same prince as the microdermabrasion kits you take home. In most cases, dermabrasion involves using special tools to exfoliate the outer layer of your skin deeply. It is considered the best for scars found on the surface, such as rolling or shallow boxcar scars. However, it can also make deep scars less visible.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel usually contains a strong acid that removes the outer layer of your skin, thus eliminating deep scars. Some mild chemical peels are safe to use at home, but others require the presence of care providers because they are strong but produce stunning results. It is essential to consult your care provider on which chemical peel to use because there are several types of chemical peel available.

Laser surfacing

Laser surfacing is just like dermabrasion and chemical peel because it involves the removal of the top layer of your skin. Laser surfacing requires less healing time, even though you must ensure that the treated area remains covered until it heals completely. The treatment could be better for people with dark skin tones.


Various medications can be injected to help flatten and soften raised scars, including chemotherapy drugs and corticosteroids. The injections are usually given in series one or a few weeks apart. Injections are commonly used on raised acne scars.

Generally, it can be quite annoying to have acne scars on your skin, but various effective treatments are available to make them less visible. Even though most scars are usually permanent, you can eliminate them with the right treatment. Therefore, you could schedule your appointment at NORTHSTAR DERMATOLOGY if you got acne scars and are looking for effective treatments to make them less visible. The dermatologist in the facility ensures that the acne scars on your face are less visible, thus improving your physical appearance and boosting your self-esteem and confidence.