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Everyone has felt weary and lacking motivation at some point in life. You go to work and try concentrating but do not have the energy to work. The body needs to rest to help it recharge and regain the energy to maintain productivity. If you struggle to focus at work, a fatigue Lawrenceville specialist will examine and address the cause of your fatigue, helping you regain your energy. Fatigue can affect your work and family life and hence require immediate intervention. When left untreated, the symptoms build up and may eventually become chronic, affecting your overall health. Worried about your fatigue? Learn what may trigger it below.

Lack Of Enough Sleep

You may stay awake most nights watching your favorite movie, or the baby would not let you sleep till early morning. Maybe you carried your workload home to ensure you met the required deadline. However, you do not know that you are torturing your body, and fatigue will eventually kick in. Your doctor recommends you get eight hours of sleep daily to ensure you remain healthy. If you struggle to get enough sleep, seek medical assistance since that may indicate a sleep disorder.


Having Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea will always disrupt your sleep and keep you awake for the better part of the night. When you think you are sleeping well, sleep apnea interrupts your breath, and you eventually wake up. The interruptions build up for days without realizing it, affecting your daily sleep. You will start feeling fatigued even if you spend eight hours in bed. Your doctor will order a sleep study to monitor your sleeping pattern to help unearth the problem. Once the doctor identifies the sleep apnea problem, they will help formulate a treatment plan based on the cause, whether it is your weight or smoking problem.

Iron Deficiency

People suffering from anemia also have fatigue problems. Iron deficiency is usually common in women as they lose considerable blood during menstruation. When your body tissues have insufficient oxygen due to inadequate blood, you experience fatigue. The doctor will completely overhaul your health to rule out various options that cause body fatigue. Once they identify insufficient blood in your body, they will recommend measures to help address the anemia problem and improve the blood level.


Depression does not only affect your mental state but also takes a toll on your physical health. Depressed patients will experience fatigue and other symptoms which affect their overall health. Without proper treatment, fatigue may build up, combined with depression and other symptoms, affecting a person’s productivity.

Taking Too Much Caffeine

Your love for caffeine may also lead to problems in the long run. Caffeine is essential in improving concentration when consumed in lower doses. However, too much of it may become problematic as it increases your blood pressure and heart rate. It is known to cause fatigue due to its overload in the body.

Your body will only function better when it is healthy. When you experience fatigue, you will also have a long day to deal with. Worry not if you are struggling with this problem, as your doctor will help diagnose the underlying cause and provide a lasting solution. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor after you have done enough to minimize the fatigue, but it won’t go away.