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Do you have a cold, runny nose, or sneeze which puts you down? Although these might be the signs of allergies, they could indicate flu & strep Sugar Land which are viral and bacterial infections on the throat and tonsils. The infection might spread from one person to another through tiny saliva droplets when you sneeze, talk, or cough. Thus it is easy to spread the infection to your loved ones, and you should find effective treatments and remedies to deal with it in the initial stage. These are tips to treat and prevent the spread of flu and strep.

Gargle with Salty Water

Although salty water might not cure flu and strep, it is an effective remedy when you start feeling soreness or tingling in the throat. You can gargle with the salty water if you suspect the discomfort is associated with strep, as the salty water will kill the bacteria, loosen the mucus, and ease the pain. However, the mixture should be at the right concentration: one tablespoon of salt for eight ounces of water. You should be careful not to swallow the salty water as it would cause dehydration. Dehydration can lead to mucus thickening and make you feel sicker.

Honey for Flu and Strep

Honey is antibacterial and can treat flu and sore throat due to its soothing and antibacterial properties. It is a wound healer and provides relief for pain and throat inflammation. Thus, it will suppress persistent cough, but you should not let young children below one year take honey.

Lemon and Tea for Better Immunity

Lemon can break the mucus and relieve pain and is ideal for treating flu and strep. Moreover, the lemons contain vitamin C, which strengthens your immunity making it easy to fight bacteria and viruses. You can incorporate the lemon with clove tea and green and black teas as they offer quick relief for sore throat. These teas have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and will fight off viruses.

Use a Humidifier to Open the Sinuses

You should use a humidifier as it opens the sinuses and adds moisture into the air in the winter, alleviating sore throat. The moisture keeps the throat moisturized, preventing sore throats and flu. You may use essential oils, vapor rub, or hydrogen peroxide as they provide additional relief.

Seek Medical Treatment

Although flu and strep get better with home remedies, sometimes it is better to seek medical treatment to overcome the discomfort. The doctor will check the vitals and review the flu and strep symptoms to provide adequate relief. Sometimes they may recommend a scan assessing the lung health, especially if you have difficulty breathing. Antibacterial and antiviral medications will alleviate flu symptoms. Sometimes you would need breathing devices if you have lung issues preventing adequate oxygen intake.

Flu and strep lead to discomfort, pain, headaches, blocked airways, and inflammation in the throat, and you should find effective ways to deal with the infections. You can gargle with warm salty water, removing bacteria at the throat and loosening the mucus. Different teas and lemon concoctions relieve flu and strep as they are antibacterial and anti-inflammation, fighting bacteria and viruses. The lemon contains high vitamin C, which makes it easy to fight infections. Finally, it is better to seek treatments for flu and strep to ease the discomfort.