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Most people do not know when it is time to consult an ENT specialist because they take over-the-counter medications for symptomatic relief every time they experience symptoms affecting the ear, nose, and throat. However, if you keep experiencing recurrent infections affecting the named body parts, it would be wise to consult an ENT specialist for further investigations. Suppose you have been having a stuffy nose accompanied by an earache. Marrero ENT of New Orleans can help develop a diagnosis for prompt treatment. Doing so ensures the symptoms and complaints are dealt with completely to prevent the condition from recurring. Below are some reasons why you need to consult an ENT specialist.

Repeated episodes of tonsillitis

Generally, tonsillitis is a medical condition affecting both adults and children. Therefore, if you keep having recurrent tonsillitis or sore throats, it is high time you get your tonsils checked out by an ENT specialist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Similarly, you are advised not to delay seeking ENT services, especially if you are experiencing difficulty swallowing saliva or breathing and have a high temperature and severe pain.

Recurrent ear infections

Repeated ear infections are one of the main reasons why most parents take their kids to seek a doctor. Even though there are several ear infections, the most common is otitis media which refers to infection and inflammation of the middle ear. However, in adults, recurrent ear infections or pain can signify a tumor growing in your throat.


 Chronic sinusitis

Sinusitis is a condition that affects the sinuses and involves inflaming the nasal passages. As a result, the sinuses swell for about twelve weeks despite you receiving treatment. In most cases, if you show signs of chronic sinusitis, your care provider may require you to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The role of the specialist is to help design the best treatment plan for you.

Hearing loss

In most cases, hearing loss may be due to aging or recurrent ear infections. However, in other cases, if your hearing loss may appear suddenly, it suggests a serious underlying medical condition. In this case, consulting an ENT specialist is encouraged to help detect the cause of sudden hearing loss, which may include circulatory inner ear concerns, infections, and other neurological conditions. Qualified and experienced audiologists can also perform hearing tests to help identify the underlying cause of your hearing loss.

 Having sleep apnea

Many people snore, but you are encouraged to seek ENT services if you snow loudly and often wake up during the night due to obstructive sleep apnea. In most cases, waking up in the middle of the night is due to temporary stops in breathing which can negatively affect your participation in various activities during the day. Usually, if sleep apnea is left untreated, it might result in serious health concerns such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

You can visit ENT of New Orleans today if you are experiencing any of the above concerns or any warning signs that might suggest a problem with your ears, nose, and throat. Doing so helps your care provider identify the underlying cause of your problem and design the best treatment plan.