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The symptoms of diabetes-related foot issues include tingling, cracking, or aching toes; numb, chilly, or easily infected feet; and poor sensation in the toes. Even though as many as half of persons with diabetes suffer foot nerve loss, you need not be one of them. With Cypress diabetic footcare, you can control your health and keep your feet in excellent condition. Keeping your feet in good shape is easy with the following short steps.

Use shoes and socks designed for people with diabetes to protect your feet

Shopping for diabetic shoes may involve more specifics than you are accustomed to. It would help if you considered finding footwear with a deeper toe box, superior upper and lower covering, and no irritating inside seams. Furthermore, look for moisture-wicking, cushioned socks made of cotton or similar material without seams.

Maintain a healthy blood sugar level to help avoid diabetic neuropathy

The fragility of blood vessel walls may be compromised by chronic stress. This is why it is so crucial to maintain optimal blood sugar levels to lessen the risk of nerve damage. If you have diabetes and tend to lose sensation in your feet if you go too long without monitoring your blood sugar, you should have a blood glucose monitor nearby.

You can reduce pressure on the feet and monitor blood sugar by wearing shoes that are the correct size and fit. Likewise, if your blood pressure has been slowly creeping up, it may be a sign of insulin resistance, which means you may also benefit from cutting down on the salt in your diet.

Check your feet regularly

Since they do so much for you, your feet deserve some attention. Inspect your feet twice daily for any signs of injury, such as cuts, bruises, calluses, sores, bunions, blisters, ingrown toenails, or redness. If you have trouble bending, a mirror might be a useful tool. Notice an issue? Immediately consult a physician about the problem.

For better blood flow to the feet, give up smoking

Since smoking reduces the elasticity of blood vessels, blood, and oxygen is not delivered to the feet to the same degree as they would be if the person did not smoke. If you suffer from nerve damage or chronic foot discomfort, this is very important to remember. If you have diabetes and smoke cigarettes, you should probably give up the habit immediately so that your feet can benefit from the increased blood flow.

Maintain frequent podiatrist visits

Ignoring a callus may lead to serious complications, no matter how little it may appear initially. Instead of treating your bunion, callus, or corn at home with over-the-counter medication, see a podiatrist as part of your diabetic healthcare team. Some of these medications irritate the skin and may increase the risk of infection.

While diabetic foot complications are widespread, they are also preventable to a large extent. Having healthy feet and managing diabetes is possible daily if you and your doctor work together to avoid complications. Schedule an appointment with Cypress Foot & Ankle Center today and get on top of the health of your feet.