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New years’ time is the perfect opportunity to make resolutions to make your life better and meet your goals. If you have been experiencing problems in your relationship or marriage, this is the perfect time to take some healthy steps and bring back the romance. Even if the romance is still alive, you can always try to strengthen your relationship more and achieve more goals as a couple.

No relationship or marriage is perfect. Surely, there are certain things that you might want to improve between you and your partner. Setting some ground rules and committing to healthier habits and communication is a win-win situation for both of you. If you and your spouse are not able to resolve the conflicts on your own, you can always count on family counseling in Tulsa Ok.

New year resolutions for couples for a healthier relationship

1. “We will do good things together, even without the holidays.”

It is common for couples to do couple activities during the holidays, such as going on vacations or serving in the soup kitchen. However, no rule states you can only do these things on special occasions. Planning activities together, even on regular days, can help bring you closer to your spouse and help you learn more about them.

Soup kitchens which are often busy during the holidays require volunteers throughout the year. So, you can always do good deeds together.


2. “We will spend talking for at least 30 minutes every day, without distractions.”

If you feel distant from your spouse, ask yourself, “When was the last time I spent quality time with my husband/wife?” Spending quality time with your spouse requires you to talk to them, with your focus being on them only and without any distractions. A face-to-face conversation, even for 30 minutes a day, can improve the connection between two people.

It is important that you keep no distractions. Keep away your phone and turn off the TV.

3. “We will look for solutions, not ways to win during an argument.”

Most people want to make themselves look right during a fight and win, not realizing that it is a battle between the couple and the problem, not between them and their partner. If your arguments, even about the smallest things, get heated up, you must look for solutions rather than focus on the irrelevant.

If you keep arguing about the same things, it is because you never resolve your fights and just stop talking about the issues. Finding a solution and arriving at a conclusion ends the fight then and there.