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Telemedicine is a medical specialty that provides healthcare to patients through phone or video calls. You do not have to travel to your doctor’s office for evaluations and treatment, so you can easily talk to your provider in between your busy schedule. Telemedicine has existed for many years but has become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. The specialty treats all medical issues, acute and chronic. During telemedicine East Hollywood appointments, your doctor discusses your medical history and symptoms and answers any questions you might have. It may also involve a virtual physical exam to evaluate abnormal symptoms like skin rash. Telemedicine has many benefits, and here are some.

Telemedicine promotes comfort and convenience

With telemedicine, you do not have to travel to your healthcare provider’s office or sit in a waiting room when you or your kid is sick. You can see your provider without having to leave your home. It is easy to have virtual health visits in your busy schedule. Sometimes you do not have to leave work to arrange healthcare for your kids.

It helps prevent the spread of infectious conditions

Telemedicine allows you to get medical services in the comfort of your home, so you do not have to travel to a health facility. Home treatment prevents you from contracting infectious conditions like COVID-19 and flu, which can be easily transmitted during hospital visits. Minimal exposure to other people and health facility germs benefits everyone, especially if you are chronically ill, pregnant, elderly, or immunocompromised.

Promotes better assessment

Telemedicine allows better assessment. Through video calls, your doctor can observe your environment to detect factors that may contribute to your infection. For example, your allergist can identify aspects of your surrounding that may be causing your allergies. Your physical therapist can monitor how you perform your exercises, your ability to move, and improvements in your symptoms. Telemedicine is also a useful way to promote mental health awareness and counseling.

It enhances the easy management of chronic conditions

Chronic conditions require regular visits to your provider to enhance close monitoring. Telemedicine eliminates regular visits to your doctor. Virtual visits allow your primary care doctor to monitor your diet, medications, and lifestyle. In a disease like diabetes, your provider can direct you on how to check blood sugar levels at home and when to seek in-person healthcare services. Telemedicine enables your doctor to track the progress of your chronic condition and if you have developed new symptoms or have potential risks.

Provides medical services to people in rural areas

It can be challenging for people living in rural areas to access immediate medical care, especially when they have emergency issues. Telemedicine allows you to access healthcare within minutes from any location. The medical specialty offers services at all times. It also saves time traveling to your doctor, especially in bad weather like snowstorms or hailstorms.

Telemedicine is a medical specialty that provides healthcare to patients through phone or video calls. It promotes comfort and convenience, prevents the spread of infectious conditions, enhances better healthcare, offers medical services to people in rural areas, and enhances easy chronic disease management. Schedule an appointment at EE Healthcare for telemedicine services to get medical services in the comfort of your home.