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Wrinkles are a common problem that every one of us experiences in our lifetime. In many cases, they start to appear at an early age and the person looks older than his actual age. That’s why, it is strongly recommended to understand the reasons for this problem so that the appropriate steps can be taken at the right time. These days, you can take advantage of dermal fillers in Newport Beach to get rid of wrinkles if you have started to get them on your face. It will help you remove them on a permanent basis.

Why do people get wrinkles at an early age?

Wrinkles may be a common problem in old age. Some of the people start getting them when they are in their late 20s or early 30s. Some of the reasons are elaborated on below:

Exposure to sun and UV rays

If you remain under the sun for long hours on a daily basis, you are likely to have wrinkles early in your life. These rays damage your skin from the inside and ruin its lustre and moisture. Apart from this, if you are exposed to these rays, the chances of getting skin cancer are higher. It is highly recommended to wear sunscreen or cover your face when you are under these harsh rays.

Repetitive movements on the face

When we are happy or sad, we all get certain expressions on our face. Some of them include the fine lines around the forehead, crow’s feet near eyes and smile lines around the lips and cheeks. We tend to express our feelings with these repetitive movements and don’t even realize that we will get wrinkles because of this. The best way to reduce them is to get Botox injections but it will not reverse the wrinkles, which you already have.


Many of us are unaware of the fact that smoking can cause wrinkles on our faces. If you are a regular smoker, you are likely to look older than your age before your time. With this, you will have smoker’s lines on your face, which will appear as wrinkles. This habit can ruin the shine and beauty of your face in a few years only.

We don’t realize that sleeping positions can also cause skin to shrink. That’s why, it is suggested to sleep on your back so that there is no pressure on the face.