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Are you struggling to achieve your financial goals? Financial instability can have a significant adverse effect on your overall well-being and quality of life. Therefore, being stable financially plays a great role in enhancing your health and well-being. However, achieving financial well-being requires knowing the fundamental factors that oversee your relationship with your earnings. The team at Healthy Minds NYC offers financial therapy Midtown East to assist you to overcome your financial inhibitions and achieve your savings, investments, retirement, and other financial goals. Here is an exclusive look at financial therapy and why you need it.

What Exactly Is Financial Therapy?

Most behavioral therapists are skilled at helping you to manage your anxiety, emotions, and behavioral issues but aren’t good advisors about handling money. On the other hand, financial advisors are very knowledgeable on financial logistics on how to plan your investments, retirement, and assets but are not trained in communication and behavioral change. Financial therapy integrates both these professions to ensure you get overall well-being. Financial therapy practitioners will help you overcome your financial stress and worries and the resulting impacts on your relationships and life.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Financial Therapy?

The major cause of stress for Americans is money and finances. While you generally know what you should do with your money, such as budgeting, saving, and spending wisely, there is often a disengagement in the behavior. Emotions mainly drive your money-spending habits. Financial therapy is hence not just for the wealthy. It is for any person who makes emotional monetary decisions emotionally, and that’s almost everybody. Knowing you have such negative financial behaviors makes you a perfect candidate for financial therapy.

What Problems Does Financial Therapy Address?

 Financial therapy addresses behavioral and emotional factors that affect how you handle your cash. Most of these factors are subconscious, and you might never know they exist until you contact a financial therapist. Most financial problems are linked to interpersonal relationships. It is the main source of stress, conflict, and sadness between spouses, friends, parents, and siblings. Most individuals avoid discussing their finances because it is embarrassing or difficult for them. A financial therapist is trained to deal with people struggling with financial issues to understand all the factors in play and find a solution.

Additionally, financial stress can affect other areas of your life. It can cause depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Your financial therapist will give you advice and support to help you solve your financial problems and the stresses emerging from them. The ultimate goal is to help you keep your finances in order and to offer you the necessary support and advice to sustain financial stability.

We all look forward to attaining financial stability. If you struggle to manage your finances, you should consider seeing a financial therapist. At Healthy Minds, NYC, financial therapy practitioners will help you deal with financial stress, money worries, and the subsequent effects on your relationships and life. Call or schedule an appointment online to get started today.