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Dental implants are a type of tooth replacement that can be used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are custom-made, so they come in different shapes and sizes. They are also made from a durable material that looks just like your natural teeth and feels just like them. Dental implants New York Rappore are strong enough to support natural-looking crowns and dentures on the same day they are placed. Once the implant is in place, you can eat normally.

What does the procedure involve?

Dental implants, though artificial, resemble your natural teeth and can replace missing teeth. Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or the entire upper or lower jaw.

They are placed post-operatively by one of our dentists in our office. In most cases, we can place a dental implant within two visits. This is because the process of placing a dental implant is very similar to placing a crown or filling a cavity.

The procedure involves:

  1. Drilling holes in your bone (if necessary) to accommodate the implant
  2. Inserting the implant into your mouth
  3. Inserting screws into the implant to secure it in place
  4. Attaching the dental implant

Why do dental implants stand out?

They last a lifetime

Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime and do not require any type of maintenance or other special care. The crowns can be handled as natural teeth, meaning you can eat, drink and brush with them just like a real tooth. This is particularly useful for people who have lost their teeth due to disease or accident or who have had difficult-to-manage dentures for many years.

They are more comfortable than dentures

Dentures can be uncomfortable to wear and often require special techniques to maintain proper alignment, leading to additional health issues such as a dry mouth or gum disease over time. A dental implant allows you to eat, speak and laugh normally without worrying about biting down on fake teeth.

Improve appearance

Missing teeth alter one’s appearance, but dental implants can replace missing teeth in the mouth, either on top or underneath were your natural teeth used to be. This means that there is no need for any surgery. Just some minor oral surgery before putting in the implant crowns, and you will have a better appearance.

They improve the health of your mouth

Dental implants help prevent gum disease and tooth decay by replacing missing teeth and restoring the health of your mouth. They also help preserve bone structure and reduce the risk of future complications such as bone loss and jaw joint problems.

They prevent other dental procedures

If you have lost a lot of bone or if there is extensive bone loss in your mouth, dental implants may be a better option than other options, such as bone grafting or dental bridges, because they can be placed in areas where there is little or no remaining bone.

Dental implants are permanent solutions that replace missing teeth with a strong, stable artificial tooth root made from titanium. They offer a more natural appearance because they blend in better with your bone structure than other types of restorations. If you have missing teeth, contact Anna M. Munné, DDS, PA & ASSOCIATES today.